A Divided and Broken Realm

The land of Tremar is wounded.  It has only been ten years since the great Bagdor,  rumored veteran of a hundred battles and the leader of the Western Alliance, sought to conquer the ancient yet weakened Grathan Empire.  Even though the war was short, lasting roughly a year and a half before Bagdor conceded, it wrought havoc on the land.  Crops, farms, and some entire villages had been leveled by armies foraging and looting.  Great houses lost their lords and heirs to the fighting while peasant families fared even worse.

To make matters worse the war ended suddenly and unexpectedly.  Bagdor withdrew and surrendered right when it appeared he had the upper hand.  The various state leaders of the Grathan Empire fought amongst themselves to take credit, each with their own story of how they had forced the alliance to back down.  Tensions festered amongst the various kingdoms of the alliance, bitter about their defeat.  Some sought to restoke the flames of war while the empire still struggled and others sought to use the time for personal gain.

An Unexpected Happening

Bagdor had been a fierce individual, he'd faced death without flinching countless times.  It almost seemed cruel for him to die in his sleep but that is exactly what happened.  The fragments of the Western Alliance quickly scramble to fill the leadership role he had left behind.  The forest mother of Nightfall Jungle and the archwizard of Shademoor seem to be the front runners at the moment.  Plenty of conspiracy theories exist implicating each of them in the death of Bagdor.  Most of the citizens of Tremar feel that a chain of events has been set in motion and that another war is inevitable.

A Mysterious Threat

Amidst this chaos a war hero walks into a tavern on the far side of the world setting a grand adventure in motion.

The Forgotten Threat