War Hero


Unless they were born under a rock most people know Yavost because of his actions in the war. Some give him credit for starting the war. In his youth he was the leader of a barbarian tribe from the Northeastern plains and brought constant pressure on the eastern edge of The Grathan Empire. Eventually they brought a legion of the army against him, which his tribe defeated. His raids came nearly to the capitol of Cacot before he was defeated by a second legion. Yavost’s raids emboldened other nearby tribes who harassed the empire, weakening it to the point where The Western Alliance came into play.

Most thought Yavost dead but he had been captured and trained by the order of the sun for reasons unkonwn. By the time war broke out Yavost was a commander in the Grathan military. It is rumored he was responsible for ending the war. At the end of the war his unit rode deep behind enemy lines and returned with a signed declaration of peace.

Rather than enjoy his celebrated status Yavost left the military and vanished. He’s been spotted occasionally all throughout Tremar but nobody knows what he is up to any longer.



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